Digital Marketing; And Career Opportunities

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What were you searching for the most, during this Lock down period? There will be many important information which every one were searching for. One such common subject that comes to my mind is ‘an alternate career opportunity’ or an ‘alternate source of income’. Many of you will agree with me on this…I am sure.

Covid Pandemic has created a panic situation in everyone’s life. Not only on their health front; but also about their job and it’s security.

Some of our friends, during this period, might have lost their job. Some are still in their job, but with a salary cut. Many, who are lucky to be continued in their existing job, are not feeling secured with their job in the current situation. Agree with me? I am witnessing these situations with many of my friends and relatives. However, I am confident that situation will improve soon and everything will get back to normal soon.

I see this crisis, as eye opener for all of us. I see an opportunity here. This pandemic has taught us many lessons with respect to our beliefs, life style, family relations, even about our precious life itself. The word ‘essentials’ was one of the most talked about, during this period. Our shopping, travel, celebrations …….. everything were restricted only to ‘essentials’. And it took many of us by surprise to realise that we still could live and enjoy the life better by staying away from all the luxuries. We could manage our life with lesser money. We learned that we are able to save more with this new forced life style. Didn’t you feel so?. What is important here is that we should practice the lessons learned. And set our future life accordingly to enjoy a better life.

Let us return to our main subject. According to me, it is wise at this juncture to have some additional source of income to face any unexpected job loss or reduction in our existing income. Better to learn and practice some additional skill always as a back up or additional income source. There are many such opportunities available, now a days, especially with the ever increasing popularity of internet.

One such career or business opportunity, I came across, during this lock down time is ‘Digital Marketing’. It is not only a career option, but a very good business idea too, in case you choose to be an entrepreneur. Won’t you be interested being your own Boss?

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing, as the name indicates, is a method of marketing. ‘Digital’ is only a medium through which marketing is done.

How Digital Marketing differs from ‘Traditional Marketing’?. Every one of us are very familiar with the traditional advertising mediums like TV, Radio or News Paper. All these advertising mediums are very relevant and still popular. We are still drawn to many products by these mediums. It plays a major role in building brands and in generating buying interest among potential buyers. If a product is generic and with a wide targeting, then these traditional traditional marketing mediums can reach millions at a lower cost.

Digital Marketing gained attention with the popularity of internet and social media. It extensively uses the tools from the internet and various social media platforms to market the product and services. It is the best medium to reach the affluent English speaking population in India. It is a new generation marketing method.

Let us take a look at some of the popular Digital Marketing Tools commonly used to market products and services.

Google Ads

Facebook ads

Email Marketing

Content Writing

Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing Frame Work

You may use any of these tools or combination of various tools or all of them for your digital marketing. Integrating these various tools in a complementing manner will make the process more effective and provide better result.

Some of the career opportunities in Digital Marketing include Affiliate Marketing, Content writing, Blogging, SEO, Social Media marketing etc. As mentioned earlier you can choose this as a career or to start your own business as a Digital Marketing Agency. You can even do this as a freelance job also.

There are various resources to learn Digital marketing. There are Training Institutes and Online coaching services, in case you want to do Digital Marketing course or training. You can find many YouTube tutorial videos also if you choose to learn by yourself. You can learn all the tools or select those tools alone which you would like to focus on.

Learning all the Digital Marketing Tools, Marketing funnel, Integrated Digital Marketing Frame work; and along with this, building your personal brand will surely help you to make a successful career or to step into a start up of your own. You can even choose to be a freelancer with all these skills. opportunities are many in this field.

I will share more on these individual Digital Marketing Tools in this space in my future blogs. keep watching this space.

To conclude my blog, Digital Marketing is a very good option to anyone who look for a full time or part time business opportunity. It is a very good option, both for a promising start up or even to some one who look for a good additional source of income. Go for it. Best wishes.

Note: Please don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestion for the improvement of my blogs. Especially, this being my first attempt. Thanks for reading.

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